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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions


Artigo presents the new collection of acoustic floorings: from today, all the Plansystem floors and Lava can be produced, in every color, in the X-Elastic version, with a reduction of noise due to treading up to 20 dB.

Granito 4 mm coating PRO
Kayar 5 mm coating PRO
Nd/Uni 5 mm coating PRO
Screed 5 mm coating PRO
Grain 5 mm coating PRO
Natura 5 mm coating PRO
Lava 5 mm TXL surface

The typical case in which this is giving advantages is within the Hospitals: now the Architects can choose an X-Elastic flooring for the corridors, where acoustic is of paramount importance, and the same flooring in the standard version for the patient rooms, in which a lower thickness is more suitable and allows for a reduction of cost. Contact us for more information.

Artigo presents the new collection of acoustic floorings
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