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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions

Buy Back & Recycle Scheme


We operate in an industry that can change the future so we embrace the design and assessment methods of BREEAM, LEED and SKA. We supply products that meet these environmental criteria.

Large manufacturers recognize the potential damage that their manufacturing processes may cause and are taking action in every way to minimize and offset this and every Corporate Social Responsibility mission is focused into the better use and management of resources.

So what really happens to flooring products when they are no longer needed?

Chroma supports and supplies sustainable flooring products
Chroma Global Flooring Solutios is committed to recycling

In reality flooring product is disposed of and changed for numerous reasons.

It is very unlikely that flooring products are disposed of because they have worn out. Now with a longer life expectancy of product and longer guarantees offered by manufacturers this is not going to change.

Flooring products are primarily changed, due to innovatios in the flooring industry, as better more performance based options are available.

Companies seek larger spaces and more efficient buildings, widely recognising that better working environments attract and retain staff.

With the growth of the importance of corporate health and wellbeing, the working environment is constantly under scrutiny. Invariably the casualties in all this are the floors upon which we walk!

Although diversion from landfill sites is increasing in percentage each year, sadly a large percentage of flooring products are still being disposed of in this way. We at Chroma Global Flooring Solutions, as a distributor within the flooring fashion market, believe we have a responsibility to endorse good practice in our own way and offer our customers sensible, responsible choices when firstly considering materials, or when considering the disposal of.

We commit to recycling your Chroma VIP carpet tile at the end of its useful life completely free of charge. If you have purchased a product from us with recycle@chroma.im on the reverse then you can call us and we will arrange collection and disposal to recycling. We ask that you wrap and palletise the product ready for our collection and you will be provided with a proof of recycling certificate so you know we have kept our word.

When you are replacing your flooring we will also offer you additional discount from our retail rates for choosing products from our eco ranges. Chroma has the most varied selection of eco-friendly products in the market today. We offer rubber products manufactured from post-consumer waste. Designer flooring tiles made from recycled plastic bottles. Carpets manufactured from 100% recycled yarns. Rugs made from 100% natural materials. Reclaimed Oak Flooring and the first Platinum cradle to cradle luxury vinyl tile and plank.

Artigo Rubber Flooring is a recyclable product and available from Chroma Global
Dennebos recycled oak flooring and available from Chroma Global Flooring
Aspecta LVT flooring takes the environment serious and available form Chroma Global
Chroma VIP flooring is recyclable
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