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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions


The design is part of the DNA of Fitnice®. With a wide palette of colors and shapes Fitnice® allows the creation of endless combinations, turning the floor into a canvas for architects and interior designers.

Chroma Global Flooring brand Fitnice® Floor is a woven vinyl flooring. Its woven surface of Polyester yarns covered with PVC brings prestige and quality. The vinyl technical underlay reinforced by a mesh of fiberglass ensures dimensional stability and acoustic comfort. Its composition and technical characteristics, as well as its aesthetic qualities, make it an ideal product for all type of installations.

To the actual offer of Rolls, Square Tiles, Diamond Tiles and Plank Tiles, Fitnice® has added three new shapes: an Hexagonal Tile and two Triangle Tiles, multiplying the possible designs and compositions.

The latest technical advances and the most surprising designs are the result of a close relationship with the most actual research centers, design schools and other reference collectives.
• Phthalate Free
• Antimony Free
• Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to the standard ISO 14025.
• Flame retardance, meeting the most stringent regulations.
• Sound insulation up to 15dB.
• High level of abrasion resistance, providing a long product life.
• High level of light fastness.
• No fraying.
• Easy cleaning and maintenance. It can be cleaned with products such as bleach without getting damaged.
• FloorScore® certified.
• Antimicrobial properties.
• CE Certified.

Chroma Global brand partner Fitnice Vinyl Flooring has added 3 new shapes to create stunning designs
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