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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions


The idea was a river. Somehow reminiscent of the Vistula, running just outside the windows. The concept of “flow” is inherent to the brand new Booking.com offices in Poland's capital city Warsaw, reminiscent of the idea of travel, of constantly moving.

Thanks to the smart choices in colour schemes and design items, the result are certainly inspiring. A modern office space giving the impression of being “outside of generally adopted standards” so sais architect Bogdan Kulczynski and “The integration of free working stations and relaxing spaces is meant to make all employees part of a big family”.

Booking.com has installed Artigo Kayar rubber flooring - available from Chroma Global Flooring Solution
Kayar, an Artigo rubber flooring product is available from Chroma Global Flooring Solutions

The worldwide Booking.com team’s ability to provide customer service all around the clock means their offices are cozy, informal, free places where their dedicated staff can work long hours with a sense of levity, enjoying breaks, chats, rest.

In the Warsaw offices, Artigo's famous Kayar rubber flooring with natural fibers conceptually provides “the banks of the river”, laying side by side with blue carpets.

Project Details: Bogdan Kulczynski - Flooring: Artigo Kayar 70SqM

Artigo Rubber Flooring is available from Chroma Global
Artigo Kayar Rubber Flooring is available from Chroma Global Flooring Solutions
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