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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions

CN Tower adopted Artigo's brand-new Screed flooring for the shopping area

A landmark of Toronto skyline, CN Tower has recently adopted Artigo's brand-new Screed flooring for the mezzanine shopping area, for a total surface of more than 2000 sqm. The design was inspired by the bright red and white vertical lines that light the tower at night: Artigo incorporated the same red lines in the floor, made with Artigo Kayar K74, separating the two Screed nuances (S05 and S04).

Bustling with shops and restaurants, the CN Tower offers also the unique experience of the dazzling “EdgeWalk”, where people can actually walk around the spherical pod, hands free, 356 meters from the ground.

Smooth rubber with a painted concrete appearance, Screed is making its way into some very interesting projects, promoting a new concept of flooring where the human hand plays a decisive role.
Produced by manually spreading and troweling rubber powders on a raw rubber sheet, we call Screed “a re-humanization of the industrial process”, as we test our engineering skills by actually adding purely human, one-of-a-kind gestures to the mechanized production process.
This “human touch” unevenness is what makes Screed different and unique, making it suitable for many different purposes.

Artigo furnishes CN tower with Screed rubber flooring available from Chroma Global Flooring
Artigo Screed rubber flooring is available from Chroma Global Flooring in the UK
Screed rubber flooring available form Chroma Global Flooring used in SC tower shopping centre
Screed rubber is smooth rubber with painted concrete appearance and available form Chroma Global Flooring
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