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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions

Artigo Kayar chosen for Winyu House, Australia

The four-storeys, 8400 sqm Winyu House (literally "House of the Sun" from Ngunnawal language) in Gungahlin, Australia, is a new office outfit designed by Peckvonhartel Architects and developed by the ACT Government as a new model of workspace for its own Directories. Artigo provided 4000 sqm of Kayar flooring in 4 different colours (K00, K27, K21, K17).


All 670-people staff is connected vertically and horizontally across the open atria. The Public Area is located on the ground floor, within the central building atrium, thereby providing a visual and acoustic link to the rest of the workspace. The personnel meets the citizens in comfortable, open desks. The workstations are also free of boundaries. And there is plenty of relax areas, kitchens and informal meeting places.


Winyu is an excellent example of how a building can directly influence workplace behaviour in a positive way. The building, winner of the 2015 Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building and Construction Award, houses also a Childcare Centre.


"Drive change, create a collaborative forward-looking workplace and influence the emergence of a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture". These are the project guidelines, as provided by Peckvonhartel. In a building with a strong link to local heritage, where natural sunlight is a constant, Kayar's coconut fabrics add a subtle natural presence to every floor.

Chroma Global brand partner Artigo provided Kayar rubber flooring for Winyu House
Interior rubber flooring provided by Chroma Global brand partner Artigo
Artigo Kayar rubber flooring childcare centre Winyu House
Artigo Kayar rubber flooring is perfect for tough environment childcare centre Winyu House
Chroma Global can provide Kayar rubber flooring as used in childcare centre Winyu House
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