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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions

How to use Rubber within your projects by the industry's global experts.

We might not realise it but rubber floors are integral in our daily lives, the spaces we inhabit, use, and live in - Artigo Rubber stands for quality, innovation and its designs are both timeless and progressive. Every project is different; the demands, requirements, and technical details can be intricate - but that doesn't mean specifying the correct Artigo Rubber floor needs to be. Learn how Artigo provides the perfect solution whatever the application.


Artigo contributes to Excellence in Structural Engineering and provides an environment for better education. The University Campus in Forli was created from the conversion of an old hospital. The project itself is the first terms of sustainable development as it is based on a system of district heating and cogeneration (CHP) for the production of both thermal and electric energy with primary production of hot fluid in the Energy House, which serves a wide area surrounding the campus.

Artigo has always been fully committed to meet environmental requirements and cleverly combines the functional aspects of its floorings with the aesthetic elements; in this cutting edge and environmentally sustainable context Artigo products were chosen for the high traffic areas, study rooms, the lecture halls and stairs. In total 5,400 sqm of GRANITO Elastic 4 mm for the common areas and the lecture halls, 550 sqm GRANITO 2 mm for classrooms. The technical choice of an "acoustic" product (Granito Elastic) was chosen in particular as Designers decided to mix the public areas of the building with open study areas. Granito Elastic in fact contributes to a reduction of impact noise up to 20 dB and certainly in this case contributes to delivery of better education.

Artigo Granito Elastic, available from Chroma Global is perfect for hard wearing areas


Each healthcare setting is different; physical health is what we might typically think of first, but healthcare also includes both mental and emotional aspects too.


The rebuild and refurbishment of the Day Hospital and Transplant Centre for the Paediatric Oncohaematology Service, dedicated to the treatment of malignant diseases of the blood in children at The Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin represents a truly positive example of creating the best possible environment to welcome patients and parents during very difficult times.


The purpose of the project was to create an organic synergy within an existing building, with a very clear focus on improving the quality of life of young patients during the course of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of oncological pathology, creating an environment in which the needs of the sick children and their families were held in particular consideration.


The spaces, furnishings and flooring chosen by the Designers, prioritised providing privacy and comfort, and to transform the ward's environment into a welcoming "habitat" with references to nature, to provide the young patients with the impression of a playful and serene setting.


The various use of colours all chosen from the Artigo Multi floor ND Uni range range helped the design create bright cheerful rooms and waiting areas whilst maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and surgical sanitisation.

The Regina Margherita Hospital installed Artigo Multifloor ND UNI, rubber flooring available from Chroma Global
Artigo Multifloor ND UNI is perfect for hospitals, rubber flooring available from Chroma Global
Sanitised Hospital flooring Artigo Multifloor ND UNI is a rubber flooring available from Chroma Global

Museums and Public Spaces

Artigo proves to be both technically sound, performance driven whilst subtly displaying sheer style and elegance. After a long tour touching the cutting edge cities of New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Zaha Hadid's mobile art pavilion found its permanent home outside the "Institute du Monde Arabe" in Paris.


The pavilion, commissioned by Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld, initially hosted an exhibition of artworks inspired by Chanel bags by 20 artists and called Mobile Art. Subsequently donated by Chanel to the IMA institute it is used as public space too to promote cultural programs and host exhibitions.


The Pavilion is as a perfect marriage between the iconic smooth flow of lines marking Zaha Hadid's style and Chanel's typical elegance. This richness of forms and spaces finds a mirror in the interior of the structure, where the need of multifunctional versatility had been developed with a series of arch shaped elements well underlined by artificial lighting softly laying on the walls.


The exterior is connected to the interior also by a large opening in the roof letting the sun light flood the black and white interiors and illuminate the large central courtyard that can be a meeting point for visitors during an exhibition as well as hosting events by itself. Artigo Multifloor in tile and sheet provided the perfect balance between functionality, flexibility and timeless fashion.

Architect Zaha Hadid proves Artigo rubber flooring is elegant and strong and available from Chroma Global in the UK
Zaha Hadid used Multifloor ND UNI in her mobile art pavillion. Rubber flooring available from Chroma Global in the UK
Architect Zaha Hadid proves Artigo rubber flooring is elegant and strong and available from Chroma Global in the UK

Leisure Centres, Sports arenas and rehabilitation areas

Artigo stands the test of time as over 40 years ago, French architect Roger Taillibertwas chosen to design the primary venue for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal, Québec, Canada.


Today, the iconic facility is home to the Institut National du Sport du Québec (INS) and serves as a multisport training, scientific and medical facility for National Olympic and Paralympic high-performance athletes from across Canada.

INS Québec has gradually expanded its capacity in time and today is a central point for the entire province of Québec, offering services to 44 different sports.


The new build started in January 2013 to create a Centre of Excellence to provide integrated support to athletes at the highest level, with completion in September 2014, on time and on track.


Once again Artigo Kayar was chosen by the designer for practicality and comfort together with an extensive range of colours offered in loose lay, tile and sheet options giving the flexibility required for the various uses in such a multifunctional building.

Rubber flooring is perfect for Leisure Centres, Sports arenas and rehabilitation areas
Artigo Kayar rubber for practicality and comfort
Artigo Kayar available from Chroma Global in tile and sheet

Office, visitor centre and corporate Identity

Artigo demonstrated world class recognition and brand values when chosen by the Multinational Cisco. An interior design project that clearly defines an international brand image and the corporate values of the company. The brief being to create an environment that encourages interaction and communication. Many areas were devoted to socialising, including cafes, lounge areas and large media room: locations subject to high traffic. The designers chose Kayar LL, a loose lay contract performance tile, for its functionality allowing access to raised floor areas, and ease of maintenance. Artigo rubber is a natural material capable of expressing a high degree of technological sophistication, whilst boasting absolute originality.

Rubber flooring is perfect for Office, visitor centres and corporate interior flooring
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